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Newest Candidate for Governor Holds Pot Luck-Style Campaign Launch Party

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URBANDALE, Iowa  --  Iowa native John Norris officially announced his candidacy for governor.

On Sunday, Norris held a launch party at Living History Farms in Urbandale. The unique event included entertainment by the candidate himself and a pot luck-style dinner.

"It’s going to heat up for the next 18 months and it’s just starting here today," Norris said.

Some people in attendance were still undecided as to which gubernatorial candidate they are going to support.

"I am not really sure who I am backing for governor and I came out here to learn more," said Urbandale resident Amy Graber.

Others already know which candidate they'll back.

"John for governor. I think people are seeing a lot of things happening that they are not happy with and they want some change," said Washington D.C. Resident Betsy Beck.

At Sunday's event, people heard how the newest candidate for governor plans to change Iowa.

"We need to focus on the priorities of Iowa values of education, providing healthcare, helping people succeed, and not leaving so many Iowans behind," said Norris.

First things first: revitalize rural Iowa.

"We have some great opportunities in rural Iowa, renewable energy and wind power," Norris said.

At the same time, Norris took jabs at Republican lawmakers and their new gun laws.

"Those are great examples of how Republican legislators and Governor Reynolds are not listening to Iowans," he said.

The primary races are not until June of 2018, but  Iowans are already thinking about the future.

"People are alarmed about what has happened in this state just in the last six months, and it's motivating me to run and it's motivating other people to run," said Norris.

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