Another Co-Worker Confirms Anderson’s Claims of Sexual Harassment

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Kirsten Anderson, the former communications director for the Iowa Senate Republican Caucus, had her claims of sexually inappropriate language in the workplace confirmed by another former coworker Thursday.

Anderson is suing both the State of Iowa and the Senate Republican Caucus for sexual harassment.

Pam Dugdale, current Iowa Senate Republican Caucus staff member, provided testimony that confirmed many of Anderson’s sexual harassment claims.

"I came in back from lunch and there was on my screen saver topless women jumping a trampoline to jingle bells, that was my first incident,” said Dugdale.

Dugdale says that event happened on the first week on the job more than 20 years ago.  She says the sexual assault hasn't stopped since.

"Then Sen. Paul McKinley, noticed I was walking out the door and he was walking in. He looked at me, then look at breasts, then back up at me and said nice green sweater,” said Dugdale. “I can think of others.”

Like Anderson, Dugdale confirmed that multiple attempts were made to notify supervisors and no changes were made.

After being pressed by the defense team about the timing of her release of this information, Dugdale admitted she felt bad for waiting so long and fears retaliation will be coming.

"It's part of politics,” said Dugdale. “In order to keep people in line you use retaliation. You take things from people in order to keep people in line. I have seen retaliation. I have experienced retaliation in other parts of my job, prior to Kirsten (Anderson) being hired, I've seen retaliation by management,” said Dugdale.

The attorney’s for Anderson hope to wrap up their case Friday.