Catching Heat in More Than One Way

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DES MOINES, Iowa --  Even before the sun rose this morning we all knew it was going to be hot.  One of those days, where anything involving going outside sounds awful.

The temperatures will be in the triple digits for the next couple day and nothing sounds better than saying inside and cranking the A/C .  Unfortunately, we’ve got those pesky things called jobs.

“I think this past few weeks have been the hottest,” said Julie Ostrander during the middle of her shift.

Julie’s job requires her walk miles a day outside, no matter the weather.   That makes her an expert in staying cool.

“Well, when it’s this hot it doesn’t matter if you have short pants or long pants to me. Hot is hot,” said Ostrander.

She’ll drink a few big bottles of water to cool down some, but when it’s as hot as it is today she says just get used to being miserable.

The sun isn’t the only place where Julie will catch some heat today.   She has perhaps the most unpopular job in the city.

“Did my meter just run out?  I don’t know if it just ran out but it’s flashing red. You want to take care of that,” said Ostrander.  

She’s been a Des Moines parking enforcement officers for six years.  Julie credits her run to having thick skin because almost no one is excited to see her.

“Oh, I’ve been called some four letter words, absolutely,” said Ostrander.

She’s heard it all.  Bad words, insults and clever excuses.

“It’s only been expired two minutes.  Two minutes, I don’t know what it is about two minutes but you’ll hear two minutes a lot,” said Ostrander.

“My step mom will tell you, any time we have a family get together, that’s her story she brings up. How her step daughter gave her a ticket,” said Ostrander.