Two Undersecretary Nominees by President Trump for the USDA

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Two new undersecretaries for the USDA have been nominated by President Trump.

The first is Ted McKinney, nominated as Undersecretary of Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs - a new position created by Congress in the 2014 Farm Bill.  McKinney is the Director of the Indiana State Department of Agriculture.  He grew up on a family farm in Indiana and worked for 19 years with Dow Agrosciences and 14 years with Elanco.

The Second is Sam Clovis.  He is nominated as the USDA's Undersecretary for Research, Education and Economics.  Clovis is a former Iowa talk show host, and spent 25 years in the Airforce.  Clovis also served as Chief Policy Advisor of the Trump-Pence campaign.