Adel Residents Sick and Tired of Getting Flat Tires

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ADEL, Iowa -- "Within the last month, I`ve had six or seven nails in my tires," said Jamie McCullough of Shelby Drive. "So, I`ve had to go to the tire shop four or five times, multiple nails on different occasions, $20 dollars per repair, so it adds up quickly," said McCullough.

This summer alone, McCullough has spent more than $500 dollars on new tires and tire repairs.

"I`ve actually had to start taking a different route to go to the pool and go to daycare with the kids , because I just, I refuse to drive by the new construction anymore," said McCullough. "I’ve had to go out to the highway, out and around and then onto the gravel from there..."

McCullough has lost time and money.

"It`s super frustrating, because you know, when you wake up in the morning trying to get the kids ready for school, trying to get to work on time and then you get that message in your car that says that you have low tires..."

Mccullough lives at Bailey’s Grove, but it's not just the residents of that neighborhood that have been experiencing tire problems; just take a look at the Adel Rant and Rave Faceook page, which is filled with comments and complaints about flat tires.

Shops like "Tiger Tires" on Nile Kinnick Dr. S. have stayed plenty busy.

"It seems like everyone that does come in for a repair will make note that they drove through the new section or they were helping someone move in," said shop owner Dustin Belgarde.

Belgarde has a goody jar full of the culprits in his shop.

"The construction guys throw all their stuff in the back of their pickup and as they drive down the road it will just rattle off and fall between the tailgate and that`s just how it is I guess," said Belgarde.

But the residents of Adel are sick and tired of it.

"Having to stop, air up your tires, take time off of work to go to the tire shop to get it repaired, it`s just getting to the point where it`s just becoming a huge hassle and I hope something gets done," said McCullough.

“I think the guys that’s doing construction should take a little responsibility, and maybe each day after they’re done working, take a magnet, sweep the roads out front of their work sites just to make sure they’re picking up any loose nails and just take a little more responsibility for what they're doing here because it's causing a big headache for the residents here."