Company Linked to Human Trafficking Investigation has History of Safety Violations

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IOWA  --  The Iowa company that employed a semi driver accused of human smuggling has a less-than-stellar safety record.

Ten people died after dozens of illegal immigrants were found packed inside a sweltering tractor-trailer in San Antonio, Texas. James Bradley, 60, has been charged in the case.

The trailer was owned by Pyle Transportation, but was in the process of being sold. The owner told Channel 13 Bradley was not supposed to be hauling anything.

Pyle has also had some safety issues in the past, though. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Pyle Transportation was operating under a "conditional" safety rating. This means the carrier was out of compliance with one or more safety requirements. Its "out of service" rates for drivers is also higher than the national average, meaning the driver is not authorized to operate the vehicle. In Pyle's case, this was typically due to inaccurate or falsified record-keeping for the number of hours on the road.

One driver was also cited for an alcohol violation in February of this year.

Violations over the last three years resulted in more than $167,000 in fines by the Department of Transportation.