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Iowa State Fair Organizers Taking Extra Safety Precautions for Amusement Rides

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Amusement ride owners across the country are shutting down Fireball rides after one fatally malfunctioned in Ohio.

In Iowa, organizers of the Iowa State Fair are taking note. With 13 days until the fair starts, rides being set up at the fairgrounds will undergo safety inspections by an independent contractor and state inspectors.

Fair organizers already planned the additional precautions since deciding to use several different companies for rides, instead of just one this year. The inspections begin as soon as the rides are unloaded.

"My feelings are that once that ride is certified you can feel very, very safe in riding that ride. So I would hope that's not a factor in whether you come and ride rides at the Iowa State Fair," said Gary Slater, CEO of the Iowa State Fair.

The fair opens on August 10th. Currently all rides will be open.