Foundation Hosts Event to Bring Awareness to Window Safety

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DES MOINES, Iowa—One foundation is bringing awareness and raising money to highlight window safety and how to prevent injury. The Hannah Geneser Foundation is hosting an event at Power Life Yoga Friday to promote the safety of children.

Injury Prevention Project Coordinator, Janna Day said about 5,000 kids are injured every year after falling from a window and 12 are killed.

Most window falls happen between the ages of two through four and Day said it is important for parents to know what they can do to prevent it.

"First and foremost, it’s to understand that a window screen is not designed to keep a child in. Window screens actually can only hold just a little bit of weight before it will actually pop out. So, if the window is up and the screen is there, a child could tumble through,” Day said.

Day said Iowa sees most of the injuries in the Spring and Fall because people are opening up their windows for fresh air.

A fall can happen on any level. Parents should put a window lock or safe guard on windows to prevent injury.

"Simply, teaching your child to play a safe distance away from windows and making sure that they know a window could actually be something dangerous. I know parents that actually block off an area around the window with tape and that’s the no play zone,” Day said.

The Hannah Geneser Foundation started in 2011 when the Geneser’s lost their child, Hannah, from falling out a window.

The event is at 5:30 p.m. the West Glen Town Center, and anyone is welcomed to attend. The event is free, and all proceeds raised will go back to the Hannah Geneser Foundation. Learn more here.

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