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Iowa Senators Vow to Oppose Some of President’s Proposed Ag Cuts

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Iowa farmland values increased slightly in the last six months. (WHO-HD)

DES MOINES, Iowa–Both of Iowa’s U.S. Senators told several hundred people at the Iowa Ag Summit they are opposing efforts to cut federal money toward crop insurance.

In May, President Trump proposed to cut crop insurance by 36 percent in his budget for the coming year.  Crop insurance subsidies currently cost about $8 billion. Trump hopes to reduce that cost by lessening the federal government’s share of the cost of crop insurance premiums.

“No cuts in crop insurance. Period,” Iowa’s senior Senator Chuck Grassley, a Republican, said to applause.

Grassley has previously expressed concerns about the President’s proposed cuts and said that reduction in crop insurance funding could mean taxpayers could face steep costs following natural disasters. 


(Senator Charles Grassley speaks at the Iowa Ag Summit.)

“Protecting crop insurance,” U.S. Senator Joni Ernst, a Republican, said of her request from farmers and farm groups.

Ernst reminded the crowd that Congress is working on a new farm bill. She also expressed concerns, as she has previously, that the Conservation Reserve Program may need reform because it could chase out young farmers.

Some see discussions on a new farm bill as a chance to reduce federal government spending at a time the nation’s debt is approximately $20 trillion. 



(Senator Joni Ernst speaks at the Iowa Ag Summit.)