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Delays Continue As Perry Soccer Complex Declared Unfit For Athletes

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PERRY, Iowa -- It was supposed to be Perry's soccer field of dreams.  "Perry is a really big soccer community," said City Administrator Sven Peterson.  Now the $680,000 project has become a field of weeds.  "Quite frankly disappointing," said Peterson.

Spearheaded by Polk City's Springlake Construction the four field concept at Pattee Park with a lake and walking trail took a nose dive.  "They came in and tilled up all the strips with the ruts and I think tried to re-seed in these areas but it just didn't take."

The project's original completion date was last fall.  Now it remains on hold because city officials say it's simply a liability.  Peterson said, "That's a danger for the players out there and that's what we are really concerned with is everywhere from youth soccer fields to adults."
Instead of choosing which teams and leagues will play on the field, they are left pulling weeds and picking up rocks,

Leaving many city officials to feel this field won't be ready until 2019.  "There was a subcontractor that really specialized in field turfs that we were really excited to have on board and at some point in the project they jumped ship and somebody else was brought in that was not as well-versed on field surface and turf grass management," said Peterson.

Now Springlake Construction has teamed up with JM Landscaping from Ames.  Peterson said, "No matter what happens we are going to get the right product in the end.  It's just about patience at this point." Hoping that good things come to those who wait, Peterson said,  "We feel that we owe it to them and the rest of the community to make sure this project is finished to completion and acceptable to the community."

The earliest the project will be completed is the fall of 2018.  The funds for the project were made possible through a combination of grants, donations and local option sales taxes.

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