Experiencing the Iowa State Fair for the First Time

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DES MOINES, Iowa – First time fair-goers Christina Salonikas and Laura Barczewski took it all in on the Iowa State Fair's opening day.

Salonikas and Barczewski tried the top three 2017 foods for this year’s Iowa State Fair.

2016’s winner of the New Fair Food Contest, G. Mig's Wrap stand, has a new chicken wrap for state fairgoers to try.

The wrap is called Mig's Applewood Smoked Chicken Wrap.

George Migliero came up with the idea when, "It was one morning when I was smelling bacon and I said you know what I'm going to start off doing something with bacon and I wanted to do something cold. So what I did is I decided to bring chicken onto the menu because I have never had chicken on the menu. And I said we are going to mix that with some bacon dressing, add the B.L.T. parts of it, the bacon, lettuce and tomato, and it was a wonderful combination of flavors," Migliero said.

Another top three 2017 food is the Iowa's Big Pork Leg from Campbell's Concessions.

Eric Campbell said he wanted to bring different flavors to the pork leg. Salonikas and Barczewski tried the Barbecue Siracha and the Sweet Chili Flavors.

Campbell added the pork leg is brand new to the fair and there is a lot that goes into making it.

“We smoke them for 8 hours  and we re-grill them to get that nice crispy texture. We have some other seasonings we put on there to get the flavor even better. This came out as a home run. It's awesome. We started at 5:30 this morning," Campbell said.

The third 2017 food is the Pork-Almighty, located in the Steer N' Stein pavilion.

The Pork-Almighty came from a trip a friend of Stan Kranovich  made to Oklahoma.

"The Pork-Almighty has a 32 ounce soft drink of your choice, covered with a 44 ounce grub tub, which holds the food. It snaps on top. One hand... If you can pick it up with one hand! So you might have to use two hands," Kranovich said.

The grub tub contains crispy beer battered twister fries and is covered with queso cheese sauce, smothered with smoked shredded pork, topped with sauteed onions, green peppers, Cookies BBQ sauce and is sprinkled with shredded cheese.

People can go online and vote for their favorite 2017 State Fair food or text to 75783.

Salonikas said her favorite was the Mig's Applewood Smoked Chicken Wrap, while Barczewski likes the Pork-Almighty.

It is not a State Fair without some rides, and both reporters got to experience classics and new ones.

“I was a little nervous going up the Sky Glider, but the view of the Des Moines skyline on the way down was breathtaking,” Salonikas said.

Barczewski loves all sorts of rides, but especially roller coasters. A new roller coaster at the fair is The Windstorm.

"The Windstorm does not mess around. I thought it was going to be more like a slow children's roller coaster. It definitely surprised me and was really fun," Barczewski said.

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