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ISU Proposal Aims for Seven Percent Tuition Increase

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AMES, Iowa  --  Enrollment numbers at Iowa State University continue to rise, and now the school is proposing another tuition hike.

If the proposal goes through, it’ll cost undergrads 7% more each year until 2023. Parents like Tammy Evans could pay nearly $8,000 next year, which is $522 more than this year.

"You know, it'll be like any other financial burden, we'll figure it out because this is important," Evans said.

But by the year 2023, she'll really feel the burden, shelling out $10,457 in tuition fees alone.

“I understand the increases and I can't say I'm opposed to it. I understand for some people that's gonna be a big problem," said parent Jone Byrne.

ISU says the only problem is last year the school lost about $3,000 in funding for each in-state student.

“The hope is that they would climb back up again and this kind of increase would not be necessary," said Executive Director John McCarroll.

The proposed hikes will help fill the funding gap while keeping up with growing enrollment numbers.

“That's everything from the facilities, hiring faculty, student services themselves," McCarroll said.

The hikes won't only affect in-state students, but also aims to raise out-of-state tuition 4%. This would total nearly $6,000 over the next five years. The Board of Regents is set to make a final decision sometime this year.