Veterans Mural Vandalized in Nevada

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NEVADA, Iowa  --  Nevada residents are cleaning up after vandals ruined a mural honoring veterans.

A black smiley face with x's for eyes was spray-painted onto the mural at the Walker-Hattery Park. Nevada police say this is a common occurrence there; they have found vandalism with this smiley face along with the letters o's and sometimes "+1" on storefronts and bike trails in the area.

Residents say the desecration of the veterans mural goes too far.

"What would possess you to do that? Why?" wondered resident John Fry. "You know, it's not right. It not only hurts people that truly believe in being American, land of the free, home of the brave, you know? I got family that serves in the military, did serve in the military. It hurts all veterans, not just me."

Police say they have suspects, but no charges have been filed. The city council talked to the artist of the mural who plan to return to fix the artwork.