DOT Responds to License Plate Design Controversy

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IOWA  --  The votes are still coming for Iowa's new license plate design.

As of Saturday evening, the City and Country plate is in the lead with 83,641 votes and the Fly Our Colors plate is in second with 73,334.

Local artist John Bosley created a plate design that he feels represents Iowa better than the designs made by the DOT, and the ideas were very well received by many Iowans. However, the DOT has since responded to the designs, saying, "While we understand the passion people have for the plate design and particularly Mr. Bosley's design, his suggested designs do not meet the criteria that we have to adhere to for plate designs." They also said, "The essential purpose of a license plate is to identify the vehicle through the alpha-numeric characters on the plate, which means that the state of issue and the alpha-numeric characters have to be highly legible and recognizable."

The three designs being voted on were created internally by the Department of Transportation. The winning license plate will be available sometime in 2018.

To vote for your favorite, click here.