‘Unite the Right’ Rally Leader Speaks Out Following Violent Protests

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia  --  The Unite the Right rally brought together white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday, where they ended up fighting with counter-protesters.

Police say James Fields Jr. of Ohio took this violence to a frightening level, as he intentionally drove his car through a crowd of people. One woman died and 19 others were injured.

Two state troopers later died when their chopper crashed as they tried to provide security to the area.

An organizer of the rally needed security on Sunday. James Kessler had to be escorted by the same police he criticized when counter-protesters chased him away from a press conference about the ordeal. People threw punches, chased him, and tackled him as he tried to flee. Moments earlier, Kessler had attempted to address the crowd.

"I would like to condemn any of the violence that happened yesterday. I disavow anything that led to folks getting hurt. It really is a sad day in our constitutional democracy when we are not able to have civil liberties like the First Amendment," he said.

Kessler told people the police were to blame, saying officers refused to do their jobs, stood down, and did not follow through with agreed-upon security arrangements.