Herbicide In Market After Three Years

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With agricultural chemicals and seed traits it can take a while to get products from the lab to the farmer's field.

As an example, In 2014, the Enlist Duo herbicide from Dow AgroSciences was approved to be used in Iowa. But that ended up being delayed for three years.

Now, at a Dow AgroSciences field day north of Des Moines, they are showcasing their Enlist Duo resistant corn set to come out next year.

In 2015, there was a controversial fight between Dow AgroSciences and the EPA. They tried to revoke approval of Enlist Duo. The EPA claimed the herbicide, which is a combination of glyphosate and 2-4D, was more harmful than originally thought.

But in early 2016, a circuit court denied that motion allowing farmers and retailers to use and sell the chemical.

However, another hurdle was in the works. A trait to resist it, needed approval in China and the European Union. In the middle of this year, it got approval from both and is now set to get into the U.S. market.

John Chase the Dow AgroSciences Enlist Commercial Leader says getting the chemical and trait to where it is now took a lot of work, "The label that we have been awarded, it now remains intact with the same language now as what it had before as we were able to work with the EPA and demonstrate the attributes of our product. To end up with that same language that we had today. So we're proud of that collaborative effort and here we are. We were in cotton this year and now we'll be in corn for 2018."