Iowans Gather to Celebrate State in California

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CALIFORNIA  --  Over the weekend, proud Iowans gathered in California for an annual celebration of the state.

The Iowa Association of Long Beach held its Iowa by the Sea picnic on Saturday. This was the 117th year for this celebration at the Battleship Iowa Museum. Iowans and people who have a connection to the state of Iowa were invited to attend. Those who attended say the family-oriented event is a good way to stay connected to fellow Iowans and a great way for everyone to learn the rich history of the state of Iowa.

"Around WWII, a lot of Iowans moved out here when their guys went to war," said Iowan Susan Frame. "They came here and they worked here, and so then everybody use to go to the pike in Long Beach and it became little Iowa by the sea, so all the Iowans come here and still celebrate Iowa by the sea."

The event also included history behind our state symbols, prizes, and a silent auction.