Governor Says Universities’ Tuition Increase Proposals Are Too High

Governor Reynolds (WHO-HD)

IOWA  --  Governor Reynolds says recent tuition proposals at Iowa's universities are too high.

All three universities proposed their five-year plans to the Board of Regents. The presidents of Iowa State University and the University of Iowa say they want to bump up tuition seven percent each year for the next five years. The University of Northern Iowa's president said they propose a seven percent increase just one year, then three percent after that.

Each of the universities' presidents are worried state funding would not increase. Governor Reynolds says they need to reconsider the hike.

"That is too much. There is no way that Iowa families could afford a seven percent increase over five years, and so I would encourage the Regents to, you know, let's take a look at what's manageable and keep in the forefront doing everything we can do to keep higher education costs, post-secondary costs down," said the governor.

Governor Reynolds did not say whether the state would increase funding next legislative session, but she did say reforms passed last year do give universities flexibility in the schools' budgets.