Fairgoers: Slither Away From Your Fears at Snakes Alive

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Believe it or not there are other animals at the fair besides traditional farm animals.

Snakes Alive is a reptile house at the Iowa State Fair where you can see all different types of snakes, lizards, a toad and a turtle.

One of the larger lizards is about 2 years old.

“The Kraken is a Malaysian water monitor we acquired over a year ago. His diet consists of rodents. He gets a lot of ground up raw meat. He also gets different things I pick up while hunting,” Lead Snake Handler Zach Wright said.

The main attraction at Snakes Alive are, of course, the snakes.

They have several very large pythons you can even get your picture taken with.

“Lola is a 12-year-old Burmese Python. She does not bite. One of the things we tell people is, the only reason she would bite is if you smell like food, which most people around here are not going to smell like their food. The second reason she would bite is if you’re going to harm her. If you’re going to harm her she is going to defend herself. But honestly, we’ve never had an issue here in over 40 years,” Wright said.

Wright added a lot of the snakes at Snakes Alive eat rabbits and mice, so there is not too much to be afraid of.

There are also several rattlesnakes and even a baby anaconda to check out.

If you want to get over your fear of snakes, getting your picture taken with a large well-mannered snake is the way to go.

Pictures are $10. The Snakes Alive building is right next to the Big Slide.

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