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Iowa Republicans at the Fair Stand By Their Man Despite Trump Controversy

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- President Donald Trump may be facing one of his most difficult weeks as Commander-In-Chief.  "Every day there's controversy and that's very scary," said Jean Eichelberger, a democrat from Polk City.

His supporters, like Kris McVicker from West Des Moines visiting the Iowa State Fair would say otherwise.  "He's doing great things, I believe that."

A cardboard cutout offered photo opportunities and a banner saying "Stand With Trump" filled from end to end with signatures hasn't been signed since Monday but that's not because of his controversial response to the weekend tragedy in Charlottesville.  "They stopped letting people sign the banner because it was too full. I'm super proud to be from Iowa, Trump lovers," said McVicker.

Not everyone who saw the display was so eager.  Eichelberger quickly said, "I would stand on trump but i wouldn't stand beside him."

She sees the shrine as pompous.  "He would love to have people sign.  If they ship it to him he's gonna love them for about 30 seconds."  Calling his remarks after Charlottesville, luke-warm at best.  "He came out and gave a weak thing he didn't want to give and he came back and said what he really wanted to say."

Even some who smiled with the 45th President under their arm admit they were unsatisfied.  "I was disappointed really in what he said. It's wrong what happened," said Dave Kinder, a republican from Missouri.  They strongly distanced themselves from the racist violence that ended in death.  "It will never ever be until people decide that you are a man, I am a man and we can be brothers no matter what the differences are between us," said Kinder.

Iowans for Trump say that while approval ratings continue to take a nose dive, you can throw those out of the window.  "Did the polls predict that he was going to be president? Not so much," said McVicker. She added, " The polls mean nothing to me."

McVicker and other Iowans still believe America can become great again with the man who coined the phrase himself.  "We have the greatest man in our history of all presidents, Donald Trump."

You can visit the President Donald Trump display at the Republicans of Iowa booth inside the Varied Industries Building at the Iowa State Fair.