Man Injured While Trying to Save Dog from Another Dog’s Attack

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- A Des Moines man out for a walk with his dog was hurt when another dog attacked them Thursday morning.

It happened at Aurora Ave. and 9th St. around 10:15 a.m. Tom Weinman was walking his Basenji when he said another dog lunged toward him and attacked his dog. He said the dog didn't have a collar or anything he could use to pull it off his dog.

Police say the attacking dog was fenced in a nearby backyard and somehow got over the fence.

The other owner did come out and wrangle the dog off Weinman but not before he sustained some injuries.

"I think, just trying to protect my dog, the other dog…the pit bull got a hold of my hand and ripped it. I think I have a little bite over here too,” said Weinman of his injuries.

Weinman's dog was taken to a vet where she is being treated for several serious lacerations but is expected to be okay.

Though Weinman identified the dog as a pit bull, the dog’s owners claimed it is an American bulldog. They have been issued two citations for dog at large and for damage to property.

Police say a veterinarian positively identified the dog as a pit bull after the attack. Owners of pit bulls in Des Moines are required to carry special insurance -- which the owners of the attacking dog did not have.

The dog has been impounded and will be held for 10 days while it is evaluated on whether it is high risk or dangerous.