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Boone Residents Upset Over High Water Bills

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BOONE, Iowa  --  Boone residents are raining down complaints on the city about skyrocketing water bills.

More than 30 residents say, in some cases, their water bills nearly doubled.

"We're not around a whole lot, so our water bill is pretty consistent all year round,” said Boone resident Stephanie Maddan.

But last month, her bill wasn’t consistent, doubling $70 in June to $140 in July. Maddan isn't the only one who's had this experience.

“That’s just an estimate for me, the 15-20 over this time frame we are talking about," city administer Bill Skare said.

Channel 13 checked into usage amounts for the month of July. Skare says that over two days in July, Maddan used more than 3,000 gallons of water, and her daily average is usually 75 gallons.

“It’s possible a child left the hose on that day, I don’t know," Maddan said.

High usage also coincided with a higher bill for a different home, which saw a water bill that tripled. But the city says there is no sure way to know unless the homes are inspected; Skare said both of the aforementioned homes declined the inspection.

“I never do 100%, but 99% of the time a leak is found," Skare said.

The city suggests inspecting, and tells residents the low rainfall and hotter temperatures are to blame.

There is recourse for Boone residents, and it comes in the form of 50 cents extra each month.

“Our water leak protection program, you can bring that bill in and what we do is get the average bill that you pay per month paired with a $100 deductible and anything over that is waved by the city," Skare said.

At this point, each side is sticking to its story. Channel 13 plans to check in with the customers and the city again next month to see if the problems have continued.