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Lemonade Stand Earns Metro Kids More Than Just Money

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URBANDALE, Iowa  —  It may look like an average yard sale sign, but the meaning behind the message in Urbandale shows the value of a dollar.

“This teaches kids, well no, this is how you get money, you work for it,” said Nick Reed.

Metro kids set up a lemonade stand to earn money to adopt a dog. (WHO-HD)

This is exactly what the three Reed kids, all under the age of 10, are doing: working hard. They’re selling old toys and lemonade with one specific goal in mind.

“We’re gonna get a dog because we’re working so hard. That’s the thing I thought of that would get us the most money,” said one of the young entrepreneurs.

The kids came up with the idea of having a yard sale because their parents, Nick and Heather, say they wouldn’t cave in and get a new dog. Instead, they decided to teach their kids a life lesson.

“We’re never gonna do this, we’re never gonna get there. And that’s where the first lemonade stand came about is okay, you might not have any more money, but you can make money. And this is how you make it. I’m not just gonna give you money, you need to figure out how can you get money, how can you make money,” said Heather.


It’s a lesson for kids, as well as parents.

“If you’re going to teach your kids these things, you also have to get up off your butt and help them do these things. So it might be an inconvenience, but it’s really not because you’re teaching them these good things. And this has just blown me away,” said Nick.

The value of a dollar isn’t the only lesson being learned here.

“What has been really neat is seeing these boys talk to other people and talk to adults, I mean they’ve been shaking hands, they’ve been looking them in the eye, they’ve been saying thank you without us having to tell them to, and even the boys’ friends, too,” said Heather.

It’s proof that a metro neighborhood can come together and, as the kids say, “work hard and follow your dreams.”

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