Iowa DOT Makes Amusing Eclipse Ultimatum

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DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa Department of Transportation is getting in on the eclipse fun while making sure drivers are aware of possibly dangerous driving conditions.

The DOT’s signs are displaying a funny reminder during “Message Monday”. Who knew the DOT was so powerful it could block out the sun?

Because of the solar eclipse Monday, the DOT says the day holds the potential to be one of the worst distracted driving days they’ve seen. DOT officials are urging drivers to remain focused on the road during the eclipse and not attempt to take pictures. The DOT also says it’s not safe to view the eclipse from the road or along the shoulder.

If you want to watch the eclipse, find a safe spot before it begins and stay put. Make sure you have the proper equipment to view the eclipse — either specially made eclipse glasses or a pinhole projector. Sunglasses will not provide enough protection for your eyes.


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