City of Ames Holds Open House for New $70 Million Water Treatment Plant

AMES, Iowa- The City of Ames has invited the public to come to tour their new $70 million Water Treatment Plant. The event is on Saturday August 26 from 9-1pm.

Mayor Ann Campbell will cut the ribbon on the new facility. Various vendors, designers, and project managers will be on hand to meet the public.

The new plant can pump 15 million gallons of water a day. It draws water from City of Ames water wells, processes the water, and it flows down a 10 foot drop back near the old original water plant near Bandshell Park. That is there the Ames water distribution system starts.

“One of the attractive things about the site is it is up out of the floodplain it’s close to our wells which do tend to follow the floodplain but the facility itself is located in a pretty dry spot,” said Ames Water and Pollution Control Supt. John Dunn. “The site that we ended up building on really is the ideal site, for us it was owned by the US Department of Agriculture, there was about a 2 1/2, three-year process to acquire that land.”

Since the Federal Government was not allowed to sell the land to the City, there was a land swap instead.

“We’re treating 100% ground water here one real advantage of this new facility is all the treatment elements are inside so it makes it easier for operators, particularly in the winter to be able to operate the facility,” said Dunn. “I think one of the really neat things about this facility as it was built to a LEED certified standard so it’s going to cut the operating expenses.”

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