Same Driver Ticketed on I-80 for Speeds of 112 and 109 Miles Per Hour

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COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa — The cost of car insurance is likely getting more expensive for a western Iowa driver.

The Iowa State Patrol shared a photo on its Facebook page Thursday, detailing the two traffic stops from the same speeding driver. The ISP says on Wednesday the driver was first caught going 109 miles per hour, that’s 39 mph over the 70 mph speed limit, on I-80 near Adair.

About an hour later the driver was stopped again on I-80 near Council Bluffs. This time the ISP says he was going even faster — 42 miles per hour over the limit.

The driver gave troopers a medical excuse during both stops but his story changed about who was sick each time.

The Iowa State Patrol’s post also offered a warning to other drivers, “They were more concerned about the speeding citations affecting their credit score than their recklessness and hazardous way of driving. OBEY THE POSTED SPEED.”