Science Building Construction is Completed for First Day of School at Drake University

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DES MOINES, Iowa – Drake University unveils two brand-new buildings to students for the first day of school, on Monday.

The Collier-Scripps Hall and Science Connector Building is meant to integrate science, technology, education and math.

Associate Biology Department Chair Dr. David Senchina said the new facilities will help students be prepared for the real world.

“We can engage students in novel challenges, scenarios, problems similar to what they are going to see in their future workplace environments, but also moving beyond them. So that, when they graduate they can get in to those environments and be innovated, nimble thinkers solve those problems and in so doing, come up with new knowledge, new solutions,” Senchina said.

The Science Connector Building will hold classes for: data analytics, kinesiology, athletic training, occupational therapy, pre-athletic training, pre-occupational therapy and more.

Associate Professor of Biology, Dr. Mark Busch said the new facilities will help students and professors with different types of research.

“This allows us to collaborate and to utilize our resources much more efficiently. This allows us to be physically integrated with our environmental sciences program, our biology program, the physics, chemistry and our pharmacy programs. All in a common complex that encourages that group dynamic,” Busch said.

Busch said he thinks the students will be excited for all the additional study rooms and areas to do work in.

The project started in 2016 and is completed for the 2017 fall semester.