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With His Heart in Houston, ISU Football Player Hopes to Help Hometown

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AMES, Iowa  --  This Saturday, tens of thousands of football fans will be wearing cardinal and gold to show their love for the Iowa State Cyclones.

Junior defensive back Brian Peavy will represent that passion on the field, but he'll also have his heart in Houston.

"Hardly home but always repping. I feel like this is as bright as it's going to get to put my city on my back and let them know I'm cheering and rooting for them," he said.

Hurricane Harvey quickly disrupted what should have been a week of school and football.

Brian said, "Being named captain was pretty much the best thing to happen in my career here, and then to find out the hurricane destroyed so much."

While juggling homework and his playbook, Brian has been in constant contact with friends and family in Houston.

"The placement of the house is in a good place, so the water is draining out, in a sense.  We haven't taken a bad beating."

His high school, Westfield High, is closed until Tuesday because of the storm, but is serving as a shelter for displaced victims in the school district.

"No matter who you are or what color you are, when stuff hits the fan we all come together and help each other survive."

Brian wishes he could do more.

"I want to discuss with Coach Campbell about sending things back as far as resources. Clothing, football gear, and school supplies, just to help the city get back on their feet."

But he's already helped. His work ethic and positive approach to life and football has provided some relief to his parents back home.

Head coach Matt Campbell said, "Brian obviously was named captain on Saturday, so we at least were able to call his mom and give her the good news in a little bit of a stressful organization."

Hurricane Harvey is testing Brian's focus on the field, but it's that same devastation happening in his hometown that's given him a new outlook for the sport he loves.

Brian said, "It gives you a desire, a fire, so every time I step on the field I know it could be taken away that quick just like it is back in Houston."

Brian's parents originally had plans to see their son play in Ames on Saturday.  He says impossible is not in his vocabulary and hopes the weather can clear up for his parents to fly to Iowa in time for the game.