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Des Moines Students Help Collect School Supplies for Houston

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Kids at Greenwood Elementary are concerned about students in Houston who are being impacted by Harvey, and they want to do what they can to help them. So, they are. The students we caught up with are using their own school supplies to help spread the word that students in Houston are in need.

Second grade student Charlie Bierbaum said it feels good to help others. When asked why, he responded: "because helping is my duty."

Fourth grade student Victoria Bakros agreed with that sentiment: "Yeah, it feels really good...because they need help and after the flood it's probably really hard."

"Obviously, Des Moines is a place that has our own experience with flooding and a lot of people around the country helped us out during those times so it makes sense that we try and do a little of the same here in Des Moines and our school district actually does a lot of work with the Houston district," said Phil Roeder, Director of Communications & Public Affairs for Des Moines Public Schools.

"We belong to an organization where a lot of our people are at meetings regularly and have gotten to know people there and so we’re trying to do a little bit of an effort that focuses mostly on helping their school district and their students and so here at Greenwood school, they’re starting to do a school wide drive to raise both money, as well as supplies," said Roeder. “Several of our high schools are doing things. Roosevelt and North High Schools are both doing a drive to raise supplies. East High School, a group of...students at the school there put signs up around the school indicating what you can do to help, whether it’s giving money to the red cross or other organizations that are working in Houston."

Harvey arrived just as it was time to head back to school.

"...at least 50 schools down in Houston have some flood damage," said Roeder. "Other schools are being used as shelters, obviously thousands of students and their families have abandoned their homes and so, you know, there`s a real need for once the school year gets back to normal, however you define normal after an event like this."

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