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East High Teen Jumped After School Over Shirt Color

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- A Des Moines teenager was sent to the hospital Monday after being jumped after school. The 17 year-old had his arm broken with a compound fracture, and he says it was all over the color of his shirt.

Jason Schlampp was walking home with a friend from East High School on Monday when a group of four people called him over to an alleyway.  According to the police report they took Jason's red shirt as him showing support for the Bloods street gang.

“My friend went over to get help and then they like, jumped me. Two of them hit me in my face” said Jason.

Meanwhile Jason said the other two watched, filming the assault.

“Later on they said ‘Get on your knees and say “I'm sorry”’ and I said ‘I'm not getting on my knees. I'll say sorry but I'm not getting on my knees’” said Jason.

Then the two slammed him to the ground, breaking his arm. The injury left Jason with 16 pins and two plates in his arm, and him stunned over what had happened.

“It's like my school colors, like, that's showing school spirit, and then I get jumped. It makes no sense” said Jason.

Schlampp says he vaguely recognized one or two of the kids in the group as East High School students, but said he didn't recognize everyone involved.

Police are actively searching for his assailants.

“Some comments made by the suspects indicated that they might have been motivated by potential gang membership. It's frustrating because we've got those layers there. We want to keep our schools safe. We want to make sure that the learning environment isn't disrupted particularly by kids who might have a gang agenda” said Des Moines Police Spokesman Paul Parizek.

The Des Moines Public School System released this statement:

“We feel terribly for the student involved, and that he was off campus and away from school staff who could have intervened on his behalf. Des Moines police will have the full cooperation of East High School and the district, should they need it”

Schlampp says he will be changing schools.