High School Seniors Customize Parking Spots and Help Fund Scholarships

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TRURO, Iowa – Money spent on reserved parking spots is going into a scholarship fund for Interstate 35 high school seniors.

For the first time, seniors have reserved parking spots at the high school.

Seniors paid a $20 fee to have a spot close to the school, and they have the opportunity to customize it.

PTO officer, Christy Roquet said a parent in the community came up with the idea.

“We got a post from a parent who saw it on social media, and thought it was a great idea and shared it with the PTO group. We loved the idea and pitched the idea to the principal,” Roquet said.

Seniors shortly were notified about the new tradition. Senior Ally Bedwell said she couldn’t wait to get involved and help her future out.

“The money goes back to scholarships for us to apply for. And I thought that was a really cool idea to get a spot out front and you get an opportunity to get a scholarship towards the end of the year. So it was a win, win,” Bedwell said.

The PTO said the money is going to be put in to a scholarship fund for the students for when they are off to college.

Nelson said as of now there is no scholarship requirements for the seniors, but they need to maintain a college 3.0 GPA.

The PTO is not sure how many scholarships will be awarded or how much they will be for, until further fundraising is done.

All the spots are customized to fit each individual personality.

Senior Sydney Nelson said her idea came from what she did this past summer.

“All summer long you could definitely find me at any place there was water in a kayak. So I thought what better idea to paint a kayak on my parking spot. It’s got a yellow kayak with the water scene. It goes in to the background. There is hills, and then painted around the kayak it says paddling in to my future. And then it says my name and graduating year on it," Nelson said.

The students supplied their own paint for the parking spots.

There are 39 spots for seniors to fill in the front, each costing $20.

I-35 High School's class of 2018 has 70 students.