Living With Leukemia: New Perspectives And New Priorities

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It's not uncommon for cancer patients to come down with an infection.

"It's just part of the routine," says Jeanet Crowell.

But being routine, doesn't make it easier.  Grace Crowell, Jeanet Crowell's daughter, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia March 1, 2017.  She made it through her first round of treatment and is in remission, but started feeling sick last week on the first day of fourth grade.

"A year ago, when I was thinking about first day back to school pictures, I remember the night before she wanted to curl her hair and we did and it was fun," says Jeanet.  "This year, we did the first day of school pictures, but it was a little different.  But I just felt very grateful that she was able to go and went and stayed all day even though I know she didn’t feel good."

Doctors diagnosed Grace with two intestinal bacterial infections and hospitalized her immediately.  Jeanet says the non-stop vomiting and high fever have made Grace "miserable."  She's being given blood, platelets and antibiotics.  She's also being fed through her I-V, because she can't keep anything down.

This is a lot for Grace and the entire family to handle.  Right now, everything takes a back seat to Grace's health.

"You're just here.  We are just here.  I'm here for her, with her, nothing else is going on," says Jeanet a she starts to cry.  "My 19-year-old son moved to college.  I didn't get to go.  Life stops - life stops for us, but obviously it goes on outside."

Cancer has given the Crowell's a new perspective - every little victory is celebrated.  It's also give them new priorities.

"Help us find a cure for this disease that impacts children the most," says Jeanet.  "I can't stress that enough."

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