Chris Norton Returns to Share Journey of Perseverance

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- On Thursday night teams around the country will kick off the college football season and Chris Norton couldn’t be more excited.

“You know, I love football.  I think that might surprise people still.  Maybe that because I got injured I might not like it anymore but I love it,” said Norton.

Chris has a complicated history with the game.  In 2010, he suffered a spinal cord injury while playing that took away his ability to walk.

Since then he's taken the lessons he learned from football and used them to bounce back.  He was able to walk across the gradation stage.   He’s donated money to local hospitals and now he’s sharing his journey with people across the county.  His message is simple: If he can do it, so can you.  

“When you get hit by life and put in a situation where you are knocked down, things aren't going your way, how do you get back up?  What are some things that you can focus on to find that strength and move forward and be stronger because of it,” said Norton.

He’s spoken to college football teams, businesses and high schools about what it takes to push through.  On Thursday he’ll take the stage at Simpson College and he hopes that the audience will leave feeling more empowered than ever.  

“It’s easy to feel sorry for yourself or to feel like a victim when something doesn’t go your way.  I just encourage people to overcome that and just take ownership of your life.  Just push right through it and make something great out it,” said Norton.

If you can’t make it Thursday night, Chris will soon be coming to a TV near you.  He’s almost done shooting a full-length documentary.  The trailer will deubt on Oct. 16th.  That is the anniversary of his injury.

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