Metro Residents Remember the help they Received after Floods of 93

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa -- Barbara Long's heart breaks for the people of Houston. The 85 year-old remembers well how the floods of 1993 impacted her and her home on 11th St. in West Des moines.

"The water came about three steps up," said Long. "The basement was full and they called and told us to evacuate and I thought it`s never been down here before, not this far down. 8th Street maybe, but not this far down and he said ma`am you`re standing in four feet of water right now, I said oh my Jesus."

The good that came out of the situation was a spirit of cooperation and people helping one another.

"It ended up in fellowship because people had to move together," said Long. "West Des Moines had water and Des Moines didn`t and that brought people in line and brought them together..."

"People from Des Moines brought food, and we took them water and as a matter of fact we let them, you know outside spigot for water, we let people just come and get it," said Long.

Churches and other organizations helped pay the water bill.

"We had a lot of agencies from all over the country that came to help," said Vicky Long-Hill, Barbara's daughter.

The city says it was heartwarming to see the response it got from around the country.

“We had a lot of people after the floods of 93 come into assist people here in the metro area, whether it was people coming in, volunteering to help people clean out their homes that had been flood ravaged, whether it was rebuilding homes," said Clyde E. Evans, Director of Community and Economic Development. "People dropping off food, water. We had really a huge outpouring of assistance and help..."

Pamela Layton's mother left the metro and drove to Milwaukee to stay with her during the floods of 93, after losing water and electricity.

"I worked for a TV station that was very community oriented and so we kind of put together an on-air drive for water and diapers and things to help young families and we thought maybe we`d fill one truck and I want to say that it filled like three or four trucks," said Layton. "People just kept bringing water and cleaning supplies..."

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