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New Symposium Aims to Stop LGBTQ Bullying in Schools

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DES MOINES, Iowa – The first Bullying Remediation Symposium is aimed to help improve school culture when it comes to LGBTQ students.

The symposium is created by Iowa Safe Schools and focuses on school administration and counselors for K-12 grade.

Iowa Safe Schools Executive Director Nate Monson said, “Over 50% of students reporting they’ve been bullied with little to no intervention, we must provide educators with effective tools and strategies to intervene.”

Monson said the symposium is meant to help faculty create a safer environment for students who may be getting bullied. On example is having a safety plan.

“So safety plans is when a student reports an incident in bullying and a safety plan should be initiated right away. That insures a student is safe. If something is happening on a school bus, that way we are moving that student to a different bus. May be there is a form of different transportation we could take. Something in the short term to insure the student is safe. Then you do an investigation to see what exactly is going on,” Monson said.

Other workshops people will be learning at the symposium include: defining what bullying is, resources to conduct bullying investigations, mental health, and more.

Monson said it is important for parents to report when a child is getting bullied.

“If you are a parent, you need to go to the school and you need to report the incident. There’s a form that is available at every school district office across the entire state, that’s the law, and then they can report the incident of bullying. They need to make sure to follow up with it after about two business days. And the following that, they need to keep working with the district on what we can be doing to make sure my kid is safe,” Monson said.

The symposium will be September 15th. People who wish to attend will need to pay a $85 fee. Click here to register.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

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