Campers Excited to Celebrate Labor Day Weekend at Polk County Park

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YELLOW BANKS PARK, Iowa  --  Folks over at Yellow Banks Park are ready for Labor Day Weekend.

"We feed birds, we watch birds," said Nathan Thorson of Howard County. "We're bird watchers, and this is fantastic for that if you enjoy watching birds. This is the place to come."

From bird watching to spending time with family, Nathan and his wife, Sandra Thorson, are enjoying their stay at Yellow Banks.

"We just have learned to love Polk County," said Nathan. "It's the first time we camped down here was this year."

"We come down here for our family and our great grandchildren were here yesterday, and so we took them all through this fantastic park," said Nathan. "This park's fantastic. It’s a heavily wooded area and then ponds and trails and the kids loved it. We had a lot of fun cooking here, so it’s just fun to come here.”

Fun and competitive, as it can be hard to find a spot.

"And if you don't reserve, you had to be here early to get one," said Nathan. "So we came here last Sunday, we came Sunday and it was filling up then, so we consider ourselves fortunate to get this site. We love this Yellow Bank(s) campground. It's so well maintained and the people are so friendly, it's unbelievable. I mean, they just help you any way they can."

Friendly people like campers Mike and Nancy Ritz--who spend seven months a year at Yellow Banks Park--will help you any way they can, because they like to socialize.

"The camaraderie of the people," said Mike. "I mean, I think we both really like the people."

"And we have traveling happy hours," said Nancy. "We go from camper to camper to meet and greet people. They invite us over, like, hey we're having drinks over here, come on over. They'll have hors d'oeuvres and we'll take appetizers over, and maybe we'll have it over here tonight, and we'll have it over here, you know, or here I mean, we bounce from camper to camper."