Bus Driver Safety When on the Road

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DES MOINES, Iowa – Parents put their full trust in bus drivers to bring their child home safely.

Bus drivers go through various procedures each day to make sure every child is safe.

Des Moines Public Schools bus driver Dale Snodgrass said bus drivers go through a check list each morning before leaving to pick up children.

“We will start it, and then we have a pre-trip log that we have to go through and do all of our safety checks. It includes the stop arms, the stop signs, the lights, beams, our windshield wipers, our horns, our cameras the back door and more," Snodgrass said.

Snodgrass said drivers on the road don’t pay attention to the “STOP Arm” and drive past the busses when children are entering and leaving.

The newer school buses have seat belts on them.

“Everything is driven by federal mandates in the school system, so they are federally mandated seat belts started to be mandated on buses now," Snodgrass said.

There are six states who require seat belts. Iowa is not one of them, but Snodgrass said schools are moving toward the policy.

Snodgrass said students are not allowed to bring skateboards, balls and other items because it causes more of a distraction for the driver.

Des Moines Public Schools have 100 different bus routes each day.

12,000 students ride the busses through Des Moines Public Schools.