Student Body Nominates Extraordinary Student on to Homecoming Court

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NORWALK, Iowa – The student body at Norwalk High School nominated an extraordinary student to the homecoming court this year.

19-year-old Mitchell Arbogast is a junior at the high school, and his peers light up every time his name comes up in conversation.

“He always puts a smile on your face,” classmate, Abby Bunch said.

Arbogast’s trademark around the halls is going up to people and giving them a “butterfly kiss.”

“He will come up and you will just close your eyes and then he will kiss you right on your eye lids. Or he will just hug you. He is very friendly,” classmate, Jack Livingston said.

Classmate Sam Hook said, “You never know when he is going to come up and kiss you, or something."

Kisses aren’t the only thing Arbogast likes to do when around his peers.

“He’s always singing. He is either singing and dancing, and that puts a smile on our faces. He likes to sing ‘Wheels on the Bus’ and ‘The Itsy Bitsy Spider’ and if you ask him, I bet he will do it for you,” Bunch said.

When Arbogast’s mom, Terri Arbogast, found out his peers nominated Mitchell for homecoming court she was speechless.

“This community has been so fabulous for our family, and other families. So him being recognized by his peers, meant everything,” Terri Arbogast said.

Mitchell’s classmates can’t imagine a school without him.

“He’s done more for them, than anyone could have ever imagined. Those kids are growing up being compassionate. They are looking out for people who may not have the best situation. These kids will grow up to be adults who care about people and have compassion in their hearts,” Terri Arbogast said.

The homecoming king will be announced 7 p.m. Thursday at the Warrior stadium.