Iowa Farm Bureau Sets New Year Policy

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The 2017 Iowa Farm Bureau Federation (IFBF) Summer Policy Conference is all wrapped up and they have state policy goals set.

In four points for the state, IFBF wants to:
1. Improve the deer depredation program by improving awareness or making it more flexible, they also want to add deer to the DNR nuisance program.

2. Maintain federal deductibility while calculating Iowa tax liability, they want tax reform to protect federal tax deduction benefits.

3. Weed control by certifying all Conservation Reserve Program seed mixes as "noxious weed free."

4. County zoning boards to only include residence within the jurisdiction of the zoning ordinance.

In addition to state policy, Iowa farmers have set goals to send off to the federal level. Specifically focusing on updating Section 179 business expenses, making CRP rental rates fair, easing restrictions on CRP grasslands, and fixing emergency response reporting over manure air emissions.