Phase One Complete for Waukee Second High School

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WAUKEE, Iowa – The first phase of a brand new second high school building is complete for Waukee Community Schools.

The Waukee Community School District Board of Education approved a shell design for 382,000 square foot building.

The school will be located north of Hickman Road and east of 10th Street.

The skeleton of the layout will include 44 classrooms spread across three different levels.

Superintendent for Waukee Community Schools Cindi McDonald said the reason behind the second high school is to accommodate the rapidly growing community.

McDonald said it is yet to be determined the boundaries for deciding which students attend the new school, and already running school.

“We actually will be pulling together a boundary committee comprised of 40 to 50 community members, parents, teachers, community members. They’ll begin to meet later this fall, and identify what type of system we want to establish who attends which building,” McDonald said.

The current high school runs on a block schedule, and McDonald said the new high school will have a similar schedule.

“Right now we are planning to run basically parallel programs,” McDonald said.

The lower level will include storage and some classrooms.

“As you enter the second high school from the south, you will walk into the commons area and lunch room. You will actually be able to see through all of the building, because there will be a significant amount of glass. There will be classrooms, offices as well as entrances to the gymnasium,” McDonald said.

The second level will include classrooms, career guide centers, meeting spaces for staff and additional support spaces for students.

McDonald said both high schools will have 10th-12th graders and about 1,200 students in each building.

The second high school will be able to hold up to 1,800 students.

The second high school is expected to open fall of 2021.