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Neighbors Come to the Rescue After Fort Dodge Double Stabbing

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FORT DODGE, Iowa -- It was a quiet night at the Hood's home on the 3100 block of 9th Avenue South...until they heard a noise.

“It was like muffled screams and I thought it was my children, we have four children in the home. I turned off the TV and I kept the lights on that night and I don't usually do that. The noise kept coming out from my door. I open up the door and she was holding her throat and she was just bleeding everywhere and she just said, 'my boyfriend just stabbed us, call for help, we're bleeding out!’” said Talitha Hood.

The woman at the door was the Hood's neighbor from across the street; and across the street they saw 46 year-old Mark Poppen holding a knife. In front of Poppen was their neighbor's sister on her hands and knees.

“She goes ‘Help with my sister!’, so I grabbed a bat and went over there across the street and told that guy to stay there, I'm grabbing the girl, and he let me grab her” said Craig Hood.

“We had the sister sitting on my bench over here, and the other one collapsed in our lawn. We had to put towels across their throat to stop the bleeding, while at the same time watching for him because he was just standing there nonchalantly…just standing there like it was just any other day just watching and asked if they were dead yet” said Talitha.

The Hood's tended to their wounds and kept an eye on Poppen until police arrived.

“He just stood there until the cops came, and when the cops came they got out and I said, 'grab him right now, grab and handcuff him and come and help these girls' and they did” said Craig.

With police saying the victims will make a full recovery, and Poppen behind bars, the Hoods are now just trying to process what happened; and are thankful their instincts kicked in.

“You're saving someone's daughter, you're saving someone's mother. What if it was your family? You wouldn't just let them die on your porch and lock your door and hope for the best and find somebody else. We're just glad we were there at the right time” said Talitha.

Poppen has been charged with attempted murder and willful injury.