Payoff on CyHawk Bet Goes On and On

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AMES, Iowa- The overtime win Saturday by the Iowa Hawkeyes Football team over Iowa State is still impacting at least one Cyclone fan.

Evan Subbert, of Coon Rapids, lost a bet to a Hawkeye fan on the outcome of the game. He is now required to wear Hawkeye gear for a whole week.

“I went to family and friends and found I only had two Hawk shirts,” said Subbert. “I don’t own any Hawk shirts, I realized I still had 3 days to go, and I thought-what if I kept this bet going, I would continue this bet as long as I had Hawk T-shirts.”

Subbert has around seven Hawk shirts in his possession, with friends contacting him, he is expecting around 20 more on the way to his house in Coon Rapids.

Subbert wondered (as a Cyclone) what would he do with all these Iowa Hawkeye shirts. So, he got on his phone, and found a charity he liked. So he called Hope Ministries, and they told him they could use donated shirts to use in their ministry.

The Iowa fan who made the bet approves of Subbert’s follow through on the bet.

“It's gonna be funny to see Evan in Hawkeye gear,” said Nicole Dentlinger, a Hawk fan, and nursing student at DMACC. “I think he is really doing an awesome thing, I think it will be awesome to see him be able to donate a bunch of shirts to that charity.”

Subbert is unsure how long he will be in the Black and Gold, as he vows to wear them as long as Hawkeye fans send them his way.

“I don't know if I'll be glad if I did this, if I have to wear a a Hawkeye shirt in Hilton Coliseum, because I'm a season ticket holder,” said Subbert.

People can follow this bet payoff on Subbert’s special Twitter account @CyHawkTshirtBet

His Facebook post on this can be found here.