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Urbandale Launches New App for Non-Emergency Requests

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URBANDALE, Iowa -- The City of Urbandale recently announced they will be using an online system for infrastructure repairs and requests that the public can access via web browser or mobile application.

The system is called YourGOV and it allows people to make all kinds of requests quickly.

Urbandale Senior Engineer Kristin Brostrom said this application will help the city respond more quickly to issues.

"So things like problems with property concerns such as sidewalk maintenance, street maintenance, questions about traffic studies, where we have stop signs, stormwater concerns whether it's a problem with an intake or drainage basin. They can get onto the website and let us know what their question is, what their concern is and then see who is going to address it," Brostrom said.

There is a wide variety of things you can report like construction, fallen tree limbs, drainage issues and even dead animals lying on the road.

This app ties in with the city’s work order system and ensures people can get a response to the request or concern

"The public interface interacts with our internal work order system. So whether people call in or use this platform to input their requests, it helps us track who has made the requests. They can submit requests anonymously, but if they sign in and provide their name and phone number and their email we can respond to them of course much faster," Brostrom said.

You can find it in the app store under Cartegraph or the website