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Nevada Public Safety Officials Work Together on ‘Unusual’ Rescue

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(Courtesy: Nevada Fire Department)

NEVADA, Iowa – The Public Safety Department in Nevada had a unique rescue Wednesday after receiving a call from some worried neighbors.

The Nevada Fire Department posted about the incident on its Facebook page, detailing how Community Service Officer Kali Warner and Fire Chief Ray Reynolds worked together to free a…wait for it…raccoon.

The furry and feisty creature had become stuck while trying to climb out of a root ball at the base of a tree. Neighbors in the 1400 block of 11th Street called for help after noticing the raccoon was stuck overnight. When Warner arrived she realized the raccoon likely wouldn’t be able to free itself and would probably die without help.

Warner and Reynolds used tools to gently cut and pry away sections of the root’s bark in order to get the raccoon out. The animal wasn’t harmed and the post says it “gleefully ran towards the country.”