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Protestors Gather at Rallies Around the Country Over the Weekend

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UNITED STATES  --  In cities across the country, Americans are taking to the streets in protest.

In St. Louis, it's over a police shooting. In Richmond, Virginia, over a Robert E. Lee statue. And in Washington, support for the president and a famous rap duo, as NBC's Chris Pallone reports.

St. Louis protestors took to the streets for a second straight day, outraged over a judge's ruling finding a white former police officer not guilty of killing a black man, Anthony Lamar Smith, in 2011. Protesters shut down a shopping mall for a short time on Saturday.

On Friday night, things turned violent, with 11 police officers hurt, several buildings vandalized, and 32 people arrested. Missouri's governor is calling for calm.

"If you assault a law enforcement officer, we're going to arrest you. Violence and vandalism is not a protest, it is a crime."

In Richmond, Virginia, things remained peaceful as a group calling itself the New Confederate States of America marched in support of the city's Robert E. Lee statue. Counter-protesters far outnumbered the statue supporters, but instead of heated clashes, people on both sides engaged in mostly calm conversations about their differences.

"I've never met this man before, but we just had a 10-minute conversation to learn about each other. Yelling and screaming doesn't do anything. So, when this man and myself have a conversation, that's what it is. There is middle ground," said Robert Gilpatrick.

In Washington, competing rallies took place on the national mall. Supporters of President Trump held what they called the Mother of All Rallies. Organizers banned any ties to white supremacy or the alt-right, including confederate flags. Speakers offered support for the president and his agenda as anti-Trump protesters looked on.

"This is a different president. This is a different time. President Trump is trying to make things work for everybody."

Just a few yards away, fans of the hip-hop duo Insane Clown Posse--called Juggalos--protested the Justice Department labeling them a "loosely organized hybrid gang."

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