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Sister of Johnny Mac’s Shooting Victim Says Conviction Brings Closure

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  The sister of the man who was murdered outside of Johnny Mac's Bar & Grill last year is speaking out, now that the man charged in the case faces spending the rest of his life behind bars.

Tracey Dawson keeps the memory of her late brother William close to her heart and wears a necklace with his ashes around her neck.

“I carry my brother with me every day so that there's a part of him with me,” said Dawson.

On Monday, a jury returned a guilty verdict for 27-year-old Devin Carter in the shooting death of 40-year-old William Dawson Sr. The shooting happened in August of 2016, outside of Johnny Mac’s--an east side bar and grill. William Dawson Jr. and his girlfriend Carley Toomey were injured in the shooting. Tracey Dawson says the guilty verdict brings a sense of closure to her family.

“It brings a sense of closure that, you know, we've all waited for,” said Dawson. “We've all waited this last year for something to be proved, you know, that this gentleman is the one that shot him and took his life."

With the conviction of Carter, Dawson says she feels justice has been done.

“It wasn't us that was on that jury stand,” said Dawson. “There was 12 people that didn't even know us, didn't know anything about it, that seen all the evidence that pointed towards this guy, or else they wouldn't have convicted him.”

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