Colorado Breweries Working to Make Drinks With Recycled Waste Water

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COLORADO  --  How does a nice cold beer sound? What about one made from recycled waste water? It may be something you'll soon be able to try.

A Colorado-based engineering firm has already delivered the recycled water, and now three breweries are putting it to the test, according to FOX31's Drew Englebart.

CH2M is the firm behind the project that's trying to get rid of the negative stigma around recycled water. And what better way to do it than by using beer?

"Water is definitely a strained resource everywhere, including in Colorado, so this is the next progression of how we can extend the amount of water that we have, which is a finite supply, and use as much of it as possible," said CH2M water reuse technologist Jason Assouline.

Lask week, CH2M delivered 330 gallons of re-use water to three breweries: Lost Highway Brewing, Lone Tree Brewery, and 105 West Brewery. The brewing process using recycled water began this week.

"We believe in the process that they are doing and thought it was a great opportunity for Colorado breweries to showcase that and see if it's something that Colorado as a whole can develop and get involved in," said Tina Pachorek of Lost Highway Brewing.

Next month, CH2M will host a private festival where they will blind taste the finished beer. They are spearheading this effort to try and drive sustainable water reuse technology and build a public acceptance of recycled water; certainly good tasting beer will help.

On average, it takes 60 ounces of water to brew just 12 ounces of beer, providing another reason to try recycled waste water.