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Davenport Police Going Back to the Basics for Chase Training

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DAVENPORT, Iowa  --  Eastern Iowa police officers are back in Drivers Ed.

High-speed chases can put police officers in dangerous situations, so the Davenport Police Department turned a park into a practice field.

The training helps officers make good split-second decisions in the worst of circumstances. Officers started with the basics, then moved to high-speed drills. They say the training helps them react better in real-life situations.

"We have different vehicles. We have SUVs, we have squad cars and Chevy cars and undercover or unmarked ones, and they all handled differently in situations, all parked differently. So it gives the officers a chance to get used to those and be able to operate them in a safe manner," said Lieutenant Shawn Voigts.

"We start off with the classroom and then we come out here and get some actual hands-on so we can use what we've learned in the classroom and actually apply it in real life," said Sergeant Fred Lepley.

Since 2006, more than 400 police officers across the country have died in car accidents while on the job.