Helping You Find Iowa Backroad Tourism Attractions

MANNING, Iowa-Fall in Iowa means trips for many to the local apple orchard, or to the bluffs of Northeast Iowa, or the Loess Hills in Western Iowa.

Along the way there are many other lesser-known attractions, which are worthwhile to visit. Many are kind of off the beaten path. That means the tourism industry has to work to get the message out about what there is to see.

“This is the Western Iowa Tourism Region group,” said Freda Dammann, who is Vice President of the WITR Board. We’re 37 counties, which go all the way from the far north to the far south.”

There is also Eastern Iowa Tourism, and Central Iowa Tourism, along with the state travel bureau called Travel Iowa.

Dammon’s day job is director of the Manning Hausbarn.

“The Hausbarn was built in 1660 in Germany it was given to us in 1991,” said Dammann. “We were able to get it shipped to us in 1996 and then we reconstructed it in 1999.”

Dammann said that Manning is at a disadvantage whenE it comes to attracting tourists, because Highway 141 is a good road, but doesn’t carry the traffic found on an interstate highway.

“We are dedicated to helping each other network and find different tour opportunities,” said Dammann “We can talk to about our problems you know if you’re having trouble advertising, you need to find a different way to advertise get the word out.”

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