History Buffs Mark the Past With Road Signs in Marion County

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KNOXVILLE, Iowa- A group of history enthusiasts boarded a bus on Thursday to visit some points of historic interest they have been noting in southwest Marion County.

The Marion County Rural History Buffs is about marking the historic sites that are no longer there, to preserve the history of Marion County, that we no longer can see or go to,” said Dustin DeMoss, President of the group.

Over the past few years the group has worked to erect brown signs all over the county noting past locations of towns, churches, and schools.

“All those old sites, we’re going to drive by, where they used to be, and have people talk about this,” said DeMoss. We’ll get a good ride around the county see how things used to be where things are at, and see the signs we put up.”

The group is always open to learning from residents about the location of forgotten schools or churches. They take nominations, and if verified true, or noteworthy the put up a brown sign explaining the site. The sites have to be brown, by Iowa DOT rules.

The group stopped a number of locations, including the Stickle Bridge, the Nepas Store Site, the Danville Store Site, Star Post Office site, and Franklin School Site, plus numerous others. At each stop speakers boarded the bus to give an account of the story of what was on that location.

“History is easily forgotten, so I think it’s important to try to get my generation involved, and hear stories and pass stories around you can share with your kids and grand kids, and people of the next generation." said DeMoss.